Let us know your experiences and ideas via our new survey!

We are delighted that one of our autistic Commission Members has made a survey to help more people to contribute to our inquiry.

The survey is for anyone with a connection to autism including autistic people, people awaiting an autism diagnosis, parents/carers/relatives of autistic people and professionals working in an autism-related area.

You can complete the survey here!


4 thoughts on “Let us know your experiences and ideas via our new survey!

    1. I had very much wanted to complete this survey with my 35 yr old son who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Unfortunately it turned out not to be a survey as such, but a format requiring use of specific questions to write a submission. As I was using my I pad this proved impossible. I know someone else who in using a Mac computer, was going to have to install new software in order to download the document to a useable format, and still failed.

      Is it going to be possible to grant an extension to the 2nd May deadline, due to these issues, preventing submission on time?

      I’m sure it hasn’t been the intention to create difficulties for anyone wishing to respond, to the contrary I imagine you would want to ensure as comprehensive a response as possible, before collating and publishing findings.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Ms D Taylor

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      1. i am sorry you had problems with the format.
        i use windows and linux now as i despise apple.
        the survey is not mine but simply a repost – they will probably accept late submissions.
        good luck with everything.


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