The Westminster Commission on Autism needs YOU!

The Westminster Commission on Autism is a new group made up of parliamentarians, autistic individuals, parent advocates, health professionals, charities and service providers etc.  The group was set up in recognition of the fact that there is always more to be done to make the world a more autism-friendly place.  The commission will hold inquiries, write reports and make recommendations for policy and practice.

On the 1st December 2015, the core group met and discussed areas for inquiry.  A range of topics were considered including diagnosis, employment, family support and mental health.  It was felt that a strong first inquiry topic would be access to healthcare. 

It is critically important that the commission is informed, guided and verified by autistic people and while a number of members are either autistic or parents, we want to reach out to many more than this. 

We are looking to achieve this via two avenues – firstly we want to look back at research/surveys/consultations that have already been carried out – in many cases people with autism and their families have spoken up already about their needs but there is more to be done to implement the changes and ideas suggested. 

If you know of any research/surveys/focus groups etc that have considered the priorities of those on the spectrum, their needs and suggestions, please get in touch.  The commission is keen to draw on existing work and not waste resources by replicating studies that have already been conducted.  Many people in the autism community feel they have reported their concerns and suggestions time and time again but nothing ever changes.

Secondly we will want to hear fresh ideas and experiences from autistic people and parents/carers to inform the priorities of the commission and the recommendations it will make.  If you would like to be involved in facilitating this in any way or contributing your experiences, stories and ideas please get in touch!

We hope you agree that this is an exciting and unique opportunity and we look forward to working together to make the world a more autism friendly place!

If you would like to hear more or get involved please contact

12 thoughts on “The Westminster Commission on Autism needs YOU!

  1. Please please please look into the wonderful work vb /aba schools are doing. All children deserve the chance to be as independent as possible and this education is by far the most effective. As a parent to an autistic non verbal almost 4 year old I’m heartbroken that my son doesn’t automatically receive the right education to help him learn. Parents have to fight so hard against institutional mistrust and miseducation on aba /vb matters.


    1. Absolutely. As mentioned, the commission members include ‘self-advocates’ and ‘parent advocates’ as well as members of parliament from the Conservative and Labour parties alongside Baroness Uddin from the House of Lords. In addition, we have representatives from the Royal College of GPs, Kings College London, the Centre for Research in Autism and Education, the Autism Alliance, the National Autistic Society, the National Autism Project and Research Autism and others.

      It’s a broad group with a view to make positive changes and presents a unique opportunity to work together across the sector and within the autism community.


  2. Support early on is key to individuals on the spectrum being able to live happy, healthy and full lives. Far more needs to be done within education to speed up the assessment process and access to support. Educational Health Care Plans are Vital and so many children and parents/carers are struggling to get the help they so desperately need and are entitled to.


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